Thursday, December 18, 2014

Boa Constructor - Build Text Editor

I have almost finished writing an eBook titled Boa Constructor - Build Text Editor.

The book has over 100 screen-shot pictures and 55 pages of very easy to follow and understand instructions. Taking you through the steps of building a text editor similar to window notepad.

As far as I know, there are no ebooks on the internet explaining how to use Boa Constructor Editor, Palette and Inspector.

After spending four years searching the internet:
  • how to use wxpython widgets
  • filtering vague encrypted comments on how to use Boa Constructor
  • experimenting trial and error with various python and wxpython coding methods

I finally wrote an eBook about Boa Constructor. The ebook is called Boa Constructor, Build A Text Editor.

55 page eBook with over 100 pictures teaching you how to create a text editor using Boa Constructor.

Written by Daryl Williams (December 2014)

Easy to understand with loads of screen-shots to help you visually learn on the way.

Table of Contents

  • How To Install Boa Constructor
  • How To Install Python
  • Second – Install wxPython
  • How To Install Boa Constructor
  • Create a Frame
  • Give The Frame A Title
  • Test The Frame
  • Add A Menu Bar
  • Add A Menu
  • Add A Menu
  • Link Menu Bar To Frame
  • Create MenuBar Menus
  • Test Menu Bar
  • Add A Panel
  • Add Box Sizer
  • Add TextCtrl
  • Menu Events
  • File Open Menu Code
  • File New Menu Code
  • File Save As Menu Code
  • File Save Menu Code
  • Add Exit Text Editor Menu
  • Exit Text Editor Menu Code
  • Edit Menu Items Dialog
  • Help About Menu
  • Help About Menu Code
Not sure what the response will be for this eBook or future eBooks but we will see what happens.

Add a comment if you're interested in the Boa Constructor - Build Text Editor ebook and what you would like to see in future ebooks.


  1. Your e-book on "Boa Constructor - Build Text Editor " sounds most interesting . If it is as good quality as your video tutorial then I will look forward to seeing it.
    Kind regards Mark M

  2. Hi Daryl,
    Where could we have this python ebook ?

  3. eBook is available at Fandangle Productions website: