Friday, February 13, 2015

Boa Constructor - Overview

I have been using wxPython over four years now and taught myself how to use python, wxPython along with many other wxPython related subjects such as using the Boa Constructor for building python GUI's with wxPython. wxPython has reached version 3. Which has an impact on Boa Constructor. Boa will no longer run with wxPython version 3.

The last known Python and wxPython vesion I am aware of that Boa with run with is:
  • Python 2.7
  • wxPython2.8-win32-unicode-
  • wxPython2.8-win32-doc-demos-
Boa Constructor is an amazing IDE and I have learned a lot from it. As with all technology, old technology slowly falls to the way side as new and better technology takes over. Just have a look at the HTML, CSS, Javascript technology alone (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery).

I feel it's really important to pass on my knowledge of Boa Constructor so I can move on to more advanced uses of python and wxpython.

How Boa Constructor Helps You Understand wxPython

I feel Boa Constructor plays an import role in helping wxPython users understand:

the concept of building wxPython GUI's
widget default settings
wxPyhon code construct
little tricks like building and importing panels as templates for other GUI projects

You will not need to learn how to use every wxPython widget.  Listed below are widgets I always use when building and constructing database related applications.

Here is a list of widgets you will learn how to use when building GUI's. So lets get started:
  • wx.Frame
  • wx.StatusBar
  • wx.MenuBar
  • wx.Toolbar
  • wx.DirDialog
  • wxFileDialog
  • About Box
  • wx.Panel
  • wx.BoxSizer
  • wx.FlexGridSizer
  • wx.StaticText
  • wx.TextCtrl
  • wx.Choice
  • wx.ComboBox
  • wx.CheckBox
  • wx.RadioButton
  • wx.StaticBitmap
  • wx.DatePickerCtrl
  • wx.Button
  • wx.BitmapButton
  • wx.ListCtrl


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  2. Hello, I forked boa-constructor few years ago, and already make it compatible with wx 3.0. Please try it here --

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